Cupermind is a DaaS company

DevOps audit

  1. Infrastructure audit and how it can be improved.
  2. Security audit.
  3. Ideas about what can be done better from DevOps perspective.

Automate exist platform

You already have some platform and want to automate it. We can do it using Ansible and related tools.

  1. Terraform exist platform.
  2. Automate provision using Ansible.
  3. Automate routine tasks.
  4. Add monitoring.

Recreate platform or create a new one

We can create a new platform using these goals:

  1. IaC Infrastructure as Code - create a new platform just with several commands.
  2. Security - keep secrets in vaults, use gpg for encryption, keep internal resources away from public Internet.
  3. HA (High Availability) - use Load Balancers, redundant instances, multi-az solution, replication solutions to achieve high availability target.
  4. Documentation - all configuration variables, all play-books and processes should be documented.
  5. No interrupts - no service stops when deploying new application version.
  6. ChatOps - we can use Slack commands or bots to trigger remote DevOps command executions, for example it can be command to deploy a new App version on production or staging cluster.
  7. Multi-Tier - platform should be multi-tier, it has to support several environments, i.e. Production/Staging and Sandboxes.
  8. ProdLike Data - obfuscation process can be automated too, so developers wouldn’t mess with real users (private) data on Staging or Sandboxes.

Dockerize application and migrate to Kubernetes

Containers are one of the most modern tool you may want to use. We can help you with it.

  1. Dockerize application.
  2. Optimize Docker Image(s).
  3. Migrate to Alpine Linux.
  4. Configure Private Docker Registry.
  5. Automate process for local development.
  6. Automate Sandboxes with Docker and Ansible.
  7. Dockerize your platform with Docker and Kubernetes.

Migration to the Cloud or migration between Clouds

You have already working project and want to migrate it to the Cloud (or from one provider to another), we can help you with it.


We can participate in your project as a DevOps team, we can use Slack, Trello, Jira, Redmine and other tools for collaboration.

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