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by (September 21, 2016)

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Good news, our site is up and running. Hope you will like it as much as we do.

Some words about How it’s made:

  1. We are using awesome Static site generator named Jekyll, let me repeat it: awesome.
  2. For design we choose free template from HTML5 UP, thank you @ajlkn, you are doing a great work.
  3. Photo on the main page (mountain road) was made several years ago in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains.
  4. Site hosted inside Docker container, definitely there will be blog post describing small hosting solution powered by Ansible and Docker which we made for one of our customers.
  5. We are using GitLab for VCS.
  6. We’ve started small project Form2Slack to have posts from static site forwarded to Slack channel.
  7. There is Makefile to automate typical tasks, like - build/test/push to hosting.
  8. And finally we have Continuous integration so when we merge master new version of site automatically deploys to hosting.

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