Outsourced DevOps Services

We are team of professionals with strong background in IT and Telecommunications. We are doing DevOps operations and helping companies transit from SysOps to DevOps.

If you have questions about IT automation, Infrastructure, Clouds, Containers, Continuous integration, ChatOps, Security, High availability, Zero Downtime Deployment... We have skills and experience to answer them.
Provision tools


We are mostly using Ansible to automate things, but also we can use SaltStack. For GUI interface we are using Rundeck.

Containers technologies


One of the hottest technologies out there, we are using Docker and building Kubernetes clusters using CoreOS.

Collaboration tools


Being a part of the team is important, we are using the latest tools to be in touch.

Fast, Automated, Secure, Highly Available, Documented, Monitored, No Interrupts

All these words matters for us.

  • Fast

    Depending of project size environment for your application can be created in seconds or minutes.

  • Automated

    Human actions should be as minimal as possible.

  • Secure

    All secrets should be encrypted, access should be limited, updates applied.

  • Highly Available

    No single point of failure.

  • Monitored

    Everything brakes, you should get the message.

  • No Interrupts

    There is always need to change something, it should happen without downtime.

  • Documented

    All commands, configuration parameters and procedures should be documented.

  • Cost Saving

    You can save time and money using a proper DevOps service.

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