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Ansible performance degradation

Testing performance of different Ansible versions. read more

Posted in  Tools

Provision Ubuntu 16.04 VMs on clouds using Ansible

Short note about making Ansible talk to Ubuntu 16.04 instances. read more

Posted in  Provision

Static site CI

An example of static site Continuous Integration. read more

Posted in  CI

Mattermost the open source Slack alternative

Saving money and keeps your secrets inside. read more

Posted in  Collaboration

Kubernetes on AWS, DevOps way: the plan which works

How to run Kubernetes cluster on AWS using DevOps approach. read more

Posted in  Containers

Typical use of Paver or Fabric to automate repeating tasks

Saving time by automating routine development tasks. read more

Posted in  Tools

Ansible project directories structure

How to organize directories in Ansible project and not get lost. read more

Posted in  Provision

Site, sweet Site

Hurray, we have our site running. read more

Posted in  News

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