Cupermind is a DaaS company

We are a team of professionals with strong background in IT and Telecommunications. We are doing DevOps operations and helping companies transit from SysOps to DevOps. Our approach is this:

  • Follow Infrastructure as Code paradigm, your Infrastructure should be able to be recreated with a minimum human intervention involved.
  • For automation we tend to use Ansible and we are very good in it, but also we are open to try something new, i.e SaltStack.
  • We are very serious about security. We are able to develop and maintain company security policies, which would take care about password protection, disc encryption, transmission protocol security. All devops scripts are using Ansible Vault to keep secrets and GPG to encrypt data.
  • Clouds is where we work mostly, to start with Amazon AWS, but not only, Linode, DigitalOcean and OpenStack we have experience to work with.
  • We are following modern trends and using Docker a lot, we are helping companies to Dockerize their App and introduce Docker to the process.
  • Speaking about Docker we are using Kubernetes for orchestration.
  • And we love ChatOps too, we create systems controlled via Slack or its alternatives (like Mattermost).

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